Almost one year ago exactly, we went on the most magical Northern adventure to-date, to Nahanni Mountain Lodge on Little Doctor Lake. Our journey started off with an 8-hour road trip from Yellowknife to Fort Simpson, ~2 hours of which was on unpaved and narrow Northern ‘highway’. Read More

June and July 2016 were chalked full of outdoor activity so we could soak up as much sunshine and hot summer heat as possible!

We celebrated the beginning of July and Canada’s birthday with the Canada Day parade, which we happily enjoyed from the comfort of our own balcony. There were various activities planned throughout the city for the celebration so we walked over to the Somba Ke Civic Plaza to enjoy some live music and food truck goodies before setting off on our first backcountry camping adventure. We loaded up our little car with two inflatable kayaks and all of our camping gear and hit the Ingraham Trail with our sights set on kayaking to the popular backcountry destination: Hidden Lake. Read More

Mom and Dad T made the long trek to Yellowknife in June; just in time for the longest day of the year and the anticipated “Midnight Sun”. Since Yellowknife is located below the Arctic Circle, it’s more of a midnight twilight rather than full sunshine but still a pretty strange experience – it’s amazing how quickly midnight can sneak up on you when the sun never seems to set! Read More

Diamond mining was first introduced in Canada in the early 1990’s when geologists discovered the diamond-encrusted kimberlite pipes in the Canadian North. Currently, there are three major diamond mines in operation in NWT, all a short flight from Yellowknife which prompts the city to boast the title: “Diamond Capital of North America”. Read More

The Long John Jamboree marks the end of the Snowking Festival and the official beginning of Spring in Yellowknife. It is a quintessential Canadian outdoor experience complete with a Long “John”spiel outdoor curling tournament, Northern Putting Challenge (where ice hockey meets mini put), igloo-building, maple syrup taffy, ice sculpture competitions, poutines, ski plane tours, snow volleyball, a BRR tent, snow yoga, a snow stage, and the annual Burn on the Bay (a giant bonfire) all located on the ice of Great Slave Lake’s Yellowknife Bay. Read More

Bryan and Nicole Do YOLOknife

In mid-March we had the pleasure of hosting our first visitors to Yellowknife: Adam’s brother and sister-in-law, Bryan and Nicole! It was an action-packed week that truly highlighted the magic of March in the Knife. Read More

The Snowking Winter Festival XXI

The month of March brings new life to Yellowknife and the North. As the days become longer but temperatures remain low, the cold days are enhanced by bright, cloudless skies. For Yellowknife in particular, March is a special time as it boasts the month-long Snowking Festival. Read More

By the time we got back from Dallas in November, winter had already arrived in Yellowknife and with that came a series of exciting new adventures…

As winter came rolling in, we started to notice a change in the behaviours of the people of Yellowknife; everyone traded in their sneakers for mukluks, snowshoes, or cross-country skis, and traded in their cars for snow machines or ATVs (literally, they would drive their snowmobiles to work). Read More

Dallas Detour

And just like that, we were whisked off on a plane (or 2) from the far north to the far south for professional development courses in Dallas, Texas. This being our first time in Dallas, we tried our best to take advantage of the opportunity to explore the city (when we weren’t busy with course work, of course). Read More

Life in the Knife

Our first month in Yellowknife (October, 2015) was quite the whirlwind! We lived out of our tiny car and tiny cabin for another week and a half after our arrival, started our new jobs, explored our new city, had to purchase absolutely everything to outfit our new 600 square foot apartment and then had to build all the new furniture. Oh, and it was an interesting twist to have to order things without a true mailing address (which didn’t exist until several months after moving to Yellowknife). Oh, and then we had two and a half weeks to settle in before we were sent to Dallas, Texas for professional development training! Read More