Our Marathon Roadie to the Rockies

We began our marathon journey from Amherstburg, Ontario to Cut Bank, Montana at 6am Tuesday morning. Our first day we powered through and did 16 straight hours on the road arriving to Jamestown, North Dakota shortly after 10pm; we were pooped when we finally arrived so you may notice there were very little photos from this initial trek…

Day 2 was pleasantly shorter, totalling about 10 hours of drive time through the prairies of North Dakota and Montana. We even found time to stop by the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, ND. This park featured over 70,000 acres of badlands that have been shaped by the harsh weather that sweeps across the prairies.

After our short pitstop in Medora, we made our way to our destination: Cut Bank, Montana – “the coldest spot in the nation”. This quaint, chilly little town is located just a short jaunt to our next stop: Glacier National Park!!!

Adam & Amanda

12 Comments on “Our Marathon Roadie to the Rockies

  1. Liked your 1st blog. Looking forward to your next instalment with your adventures in Waterton NP. You covered a lot of ground in your first few days.


  2. Love the pics…..especially the penguin shot. Glad all is going well and look forward to future posts!

    Love Mom and Dad T


  3. When you get to Jasper visit my favourite place in Canada, Maligne Lake’s Spirit Island. There should be a tour boat to take you to the Island. Don’t forget your camera!


  4. We camped in the Badlands of North Dakota 23 years ago and it was spectacular. Uncle Bill wasn’t too thrilled when I woke him up one morning (still dark) and reported that I heard some rustling and movement outside the bedroom window. It was a buffalo chomping on some vegetation. What a sight to see that big beast a few feet from the camper.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

    Aunt Jean


    • Hahah what an awesome story! so far we haven’t had many close encounters with the beasts of the badlands but there has been no shortage of spectacular views!


  5. Enjoying the blog. Enjoy your travels.Travel safe.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  6. bob and I are really enjoying your blog. We are a little jealous. Would love to have had to opportunity when we were younger. enjoy and be safe. Keep s sending beautiful pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. sounds like the best road trip ever!! hope you brought your back pillows 😉


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