Going-to-the-Sun in Glacier National Park, Montana

Early Thursday morning, we set out to explore Glacier National Park. We opted to partake in one of the most popular activities in the park: driving the Going-to-the-Sun road. It didn’t take long for us to see why this drive is so famous as we cruised along, winding through the Rocky Mountains and marvelling at their vastness. After hours of driving in awe (and stopping at almost every lookout turnoff), we realized we had been gradually working our way to the mountain tops! (Hence the name of the road, I suppose…) Once we made it to the top at Logan’s Pass (6,646 feet elevation), we went on a short hike to Hidden Lake to stretch our legs. We were lucky enough to see an adult mountain goat and her “kid” grazing the rocky cliffs at Mount Clement.

As we wound back down from Logan’s Pass, we went through the East end of the park which had recently been ravaged by forest fires. These stripped, blackened trees provided a stark contrast to the lush vegetation throughout the rest of the park. As devastating as it seemed, we reminded ourselves that forest fires are a natural and (at times) necessary occurrence to sustain and support the ecosystems of the forests.

Just as we thought our amazing day was coming to a close, we spotted a bit of a traffic jam ahead of us. As we approached, we realized the culprit of the congestion was none other than a small black bear!! He (or she) seemed a bit startled by all the attention and was quickly trying to pass through the traffic so we weren’t able to get a clear picture but we were pleased that our encounter was from the safety of our vehicle! As we carved around another bend, we approached another line of vehicles, this time pulled over at the side of the road. When we investigated further, it seemed that our fellow tourists had spotted a moose off in the distant meadows along the side of a mountain – what an exciting way to begin our Rocky Mountain adventure!

As we said farewell to Glacier, we encountered more not-so-wildlife on our search for an operational USA-Canada border crossing. We took a wrong turn down the Chief International Highway (thinking this border crossing would be open, which it wasn’t) and found ourselves sharing the road with dozens of slow moving cows. Luckily, we found our bovine friends amusing enough that we weren’t too upset when we got to the vacant border crossing and had to double back down our 20 minute cattle highway. At last, the next border crossing would finally grant us access back to Canada through the beautiful Alberta where we get to explore the Canadian portion of the Glacier NP system: Waterton Lakes National Park.

Adam & Amanda

4 Comments on “Going-to-the-Sun in Glacier National Park, Montana

  1. Hi you two WOW ! what beautiful scenery pictures.. You have covered a lot of country.. Drive safely.. Thinking of you everyday.. Grandma & Papa “T”


  2. those are the most beautiful photos ever! love the tunnel through the mountain .. keep making lots of animal friends šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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