Waterton Lakes: Where the Prairies Meet the Mountains

Friday morning we took our coffees to go as we headed out to Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada: where the prairies meet the mountains. We began the day’s adventures by detouring through a Bison Paddock on our way to the park.  If, like us, you are not familiar with what a Bison Paddock is, it turns out that it is like a Bison safari – a narrow stone road that winds through prairie lands inhabited by Bison.  We actually loved it so much we went through twice!

Afterwards, we spent most of the morning wandering around the quaint Waterton Village going in and out of shops before stopping for lunch on Middle Waterton Lake where we had a spectacular view of the historic Prince of Wales Hotel.  Once we were fuelled up, we set out to conquer the hike up Bear’s Hump which overlooks Waterton Village and provides incredible panoramic views of Upper and Middle Waterton Lakes.  After soaking up the scenery (and battling the wind!) at 1778m elevation, we strolled back down and took a short drive out to Cameron Lake to finish off our day.  On our way, we were stalled by a herd of bighorn sheep just strutting down the middle of the road – an apparently common occurrence along the Akamina Parkway!

Saturday we set out to do a longer, more challenging hike that promised the reward of beautiful fall colours – and it didn’t disappoint!  We hiked a steady 4km up to Lower Rowe Lake followed by a steep 2.4km to Upper Rowe Lake which delivered beautiful fall colours and vibrant, bright yellow Tamarack trees lining a turquoise blue lake – worth the climb!  The entire trek took us about 5 hours to complete so when we finally got back to Waterton Village, we rewarded ourselves with some must-have Weiners of Waterton – so hearty and delicious!

We wave a bittersweet goodbye to Waterton Lakes as we head out into the Canadian badlands…..

Adam & Amanda

5 Comments on “Waterton Lakes: Where the Prairies Meet the Mountains

  1. Just found the pics today. Spectacular pics, and impressed with the wildlife you are seeing. Happy travels



  2. You are definitely in God’s country. Thanks for sharing these beautiful shots and your experiences. Visiting this is definitely on my bucket list!

    Dad T.


  3. now that is a NATURE hike .. sounds super intense but also super rewarding ! love it 😀


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