A Whirlwind Visit to Calgary

After our adventures in Drumheller, we set off to Calgary to visit with a friend who graciously offered to host us for the night.  We got in late so we had just enough time to eat a delicious dinner, catch up, and get home for a good night’s rest.  After an amazing breakfast at one of Calgary’s popular breakfast joints, Red’s, we bid adieu to our generous host and hopped on our bikes to explore the vast networks of biking/walking paths throughout Calgary’s downtown and riverfront.

Next up, we headed to Canada Olympic Park (COP) – the site that hosted events for the 1988 Calgary Olympics.  After tooling around a bit and admiring the old structures for the ski jumps, the bobsleigh track, and of course THE Jamaican bobsled, we got our helmets on and hopped on the ski lift that took us to the top of the luge track!  Apparently it is possible to ride down the Olympic luge track for those adrenaline junkies out there but this option requires that a “pilot” actually takes you down since it is dangerous and requires Olympic skill to maneuver.  We opted for the more leisurely option of driving our own little luge carts down a low grade slope which was modelled after the luge tracks originating in New Zealand.  Although it was not at an Olympic pace, it was still pretty thrilling to zip down the winding course overlooking the city.

From COP, we scooted onto the TransCanada headed to Banff National Park for our week of chilly fall camping in the Rocky Mountains.  We stopped briefly in Canmore for dinner at the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company before continuing on our way to our campsite on Two Jack Lakeside.  Once we arrived, we quickly set up our tent and got settled in to enjoy our beautiful accommodations and rest up for the many adventures to come in Banff National Park…

Adam & Amanda

9 Comments on “A Whirlwind Visit to Calgary

  1. Great pics. The scenery at your campsite is awesome. Your picture at Sulphur Mountain with the rainbow is an award winner. Safe travels to Jaspar.


  2. Uncle Bill and I have wonderful camping memories of Banff and Jaspar. There is nothing like waking up in a campsite with the Rocky Mountains in the view.
    Take care and looking forward to your next adventures.
    Aunt Jean

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  3. Beautiful pictures. Your blog is very informative and interesting keep it coming. Safe travels..keep warm..enjoy….love Nana Hamilton

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  4. Paul and I did the luge in New Zealand that you are referring to! 🙂

    Miss you two. Glad to see you are having such a great time. Your photos are amazing. Really great quality!

    Like you a lot!

    Andrea and Pauly

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  5. Because of this post I had to have dinner at the grizzly paw. Great recommendation you two. I loved the perogie pouting, elk burger and flight of beer.
    I spent Sunday in Banff and Canmore before my meeting in Calgary Monday morning. Thank you for introducing me to a new spot.
    Take care and safe travels.


    • That’s awesome!!! We’re so happy you checked it out! Canmore is such a great little mountain town – definitely worth the visit 🙂 safe travels to you too!


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