The Gateway to the North

On Friday October 2nd, we continued East from Saskatoon arriving in The Pas, Manitoba in the afternoon. The Pas (pronounced “the paw”) is situated just beyond the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border, 630km northwest of Winnipeg and is considered the Gateway to the North. After checking into our hotel, we set out to discover Clearwater Lake Provincial Park (as recommended by a friendly Northern Manitoban).

Clearwater Lake Provincial Park boasts one of only three “true blue” lakes in existence (despite further research, it is still unclear what exact characteristics are defining of a “true blue” lake but it sounds cool nonetheless). This park also has an interesting network of “caves” along the south shore of Clearwater Lake; they are deep crevices that formed when rock masses split away from shoreline cliffs. We hiked along the short trail that follows along these fissures and then stopped by Sunset Beach just before dusk.

On our second day in The Pas, we rode our bikes around town to get a dose of the region’s rich history and culture at the Sam Waller Museum. Sam Waller was an English collector, naturalist, taxidermist, and teacher who spent his life collecting a very eclectic collection of artifacts from all over North America. We spent a couple of hours browsing through artifacts, animal taxidermy (including a two-headed calf!), historical fur trade displays, native cultural fashion, and war-time memorabilia among many other treasures.

With our heads full of (random) knowledge we spent the rest of the afternoon eating delicious food and playing some pool at the local watering hole.

On Sunday, October 4th, we excitedly wrapped up our time in The Pas in anticipation of our next destination: Thompson, Manitoba – one step closer to our Churchill Polar Bear Adventures!!!!

Adam & Amanda

3 Comments on “The Gateway to the North

  1. Uncle Bill and I have been to Saskatoon, but have never seen northern Manitoba. Can’t wait to see your pictures from Churchill, Manitoba – especially the Northern Lights. I would think that this time of year should be wonderful to view the night sky.

    Aunt Jean

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