The Hub of the North

On our drive from The Pas, we stopped in at the picturesque Pisew Falls in the Pisew Falls Provincial Park. Pisew Falls is a 13m waterfall along the Grass River. From there, we drove as far as we could (on paved road) in the direction of Churchill and ended up in Thompson, Manitoba; known as “the Hub of the North”. Here, we found many more friendly Northerners, several painted wolves, and one very large wolf mural.

Although it was a rainy day, we tried to embrace the 2km Spirit Walk through the city of Thompson and capture as many Spirit Way wolves as we could, while also taking in the largest “photo-real” mural in Canada. We also took some time to check out the Heritage North museum which hosts historical artifacts as well as information about the geography and wildlife of Northern Manitoba.

As the evening rolled around, it was time to hop on our train to “the Polar Bear Capital of the World”, Churchill, Manitoba!

Adam & Amanda

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