On to the Town of Flintabbatey Flonatin

As soon as we arrived back in Thompson from Churchill, we fuelled up and headed to our next destination, the quaint mining town of Flin Flon, Manitoba. Flin Flon is named after the fictional sci-fi novel hero Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin (AKA Flinty), a grocer turned explorer who (in the novel The Sunless City) discovers another world in a bottomless volcanic lake. The story is that the prospector who staked claim of the ore in Flin Flon, Tom Creighton, had been reading this novel when he discovered the body of ore at the bottom of a lake. Hence, he named this lake Flin Flon Lake in honour of Flinty. As a town developed around this mining industry, by 1929 the community was officially named Flin Flon. Proud recognition of Flin Flon’s namesake lives on in the form of a 7.5 metre fibreglass statue of Flinty that was erected in 1962.

It was a bit of a dreary rainy day but we tried to make the most of our short visit. We went for a stroll down Flinty’s Boardwalk which stretches along Ross Lake. Before grabbing a bite to eat downtown, we made a pit stop at a little church which was nestled into the hilly streets so that we could cast our votes in the Fall Federal Election.

The next morning we stopped by the statue of Flinty to get some pics before hitting the road once again, on our way to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Adam & Amanda

4 Comments on “On to the Town of Flintabbatey Flonatin

  1. Its a shame you didn’t get a side view of the Flinty statue, his thumb has a placement that makes it look like his penis!


  2. Thank you for posting about Flin Flon Adam & Amanda. I thought I knew all the fun statues in small towns … but I had never seen this character before. It looks like a very peaceful relaxing place to be.


  3. I always finds your posts entertaining and educational. Keep it up. We LOVE it!!!!


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