Monthly Archives: July 2016

And just like that, we were whisked off on a plane (or 2) from the far north to the far south for professional development courses in Dallas, Texas. This being our first time in Dallas, we tried our best to take advantage of the opportunity to explore the city (when we weren’t busy with course work, of course).

Our first month in Yellowknife (October, 2015) was quite the whirlwind! We lived out of our tiny car and tiny cabin for another week and a half after our arrival, started our new jobs, explored our new city, had to purchase absolutely everything to outfit our new 600 square foot apartment and then had to build all the new furniture. Oh, and it was an interesting twist to have to order things… Read More

On our second stop-in to Edmonton, Alberta, we stayed at a beautiful old home in the trendy neighbourhood of Strathcona. We explored the city by bicycle and foot and met up with some familiar faces for good laughs and good burgers.