Dallas Detour

And just like that, we were whisked off on a plane (or 2) from the far north to the far south for professional development courses in Dallas, Texas. This being our first time in Dallas, we tried our best to take advantage of the opportunity to explore the city (when we weren’t busy with course work, of course).

We strolled about 30-45 mins into the heart of downtown each night in search of a Texan adventure. The first night, we stumbled upon a brewery called Community Beer Co. which just so happened to be hosting a trivia night so we stayed to play and ended up winning some brewery merchandise! The second night, we went to a Dallas Mavericks basketball game and saw a Mr. Mark Cuban cheering his team on from the sidelines. The third night, we were looking for a real southern experience so we perused through a store called Wild Bill’s Western Store whose walls were lined with cowboy hats and cowboy boots; then we had the most delicious southern meal at the quaint Ellen’s Southern Kitchen.

Lucky for us, on the Saturday of our last course day, there was a music and beer festival being held at the State Fairgrounds in Dallas. We finished up our courses and hopped on city transit to cross the city to the fairgrounds. The main acts included Lights, Elle King, and the grand finale, the Flaming Lips.

After an action-packed night at the Untapped festival, we spent our final morning/afternoon in Dallas in search of one of the most popular and delicious southern BBQs in the city. We figured we found it when we showed up to the Pecan Lodge and the lunch-hour line up extended outside the restaurant and partially around the block! It ended up being a very tasty (and filling) feast that did not disappoint – worth the wait!

And finally, exhausted from stuffing our brains with knowledge and our faces with southern cuisine, we boarded more planes, trains and automobiles and headed back to the (now) frosty north…

Adam & Amanda

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