The 5th Annual Long John Jamboree

The Long John Jamboree marks the end of the Snowking Festival and the official beginning of Spring in Yellowknife. It is a quintessential Canadian outdoor experience complete with a Long “John”spiel outdoor curling tournament, Northern Putting Challenge (where ice hockey meets mini put), igloo-building, maple syrup taffy, ice sculpture competitions, poutines, ski plane tours, snow volleyball, a BRR tent, snow yoga, a snow stage, and the annual Burn on the Bay (a giant bonfire) all located on the ice of Great Slave Lake’s Yellowknife Bay. It also happened to fall on Adam’s birthday weekend so we took full advantage of all the festivities the Jamboree had to offer 🙂 After an eventful day at the Jamboree, we finished off the night at the Snowking Castle for the Royal Ball.

Adam & Amanda

2 Comments on “The 5th Annual Long John Jamboree

  1. As the President of Long John Jamboree 2016, thank you for posting about our wonderful event this year. We’re happy to hear that you enjoyed the festivities!

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  2. Wow that was great. I found your post very informative. It was great discovering all the Long John Jamboree activities. Looks like a lot of fun. Loved the air tour video too! Thanks for sharing your awesome adventure with all of us.


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