Bryan and Nicole Do YOLOknife

In mid-March we had the pleasure of hosting our first visitors to Yellowknife: Adam’s brother and sister-in-law, Bryan and Nicole! It was an action-packed week that truly highlighted the magic of March in the Knife.

We started off the week with a historic stroll through Old Town’s Woodyard. The Woodyard is a small, slightly overgrown section of Old Town that was once a lumber yard in the 1940’s; now, it is a unique and eclectic collection of Old Town shacks and cluttered lawns of artifacts, old vehicles, and the friendly pets of the residents still inhabiting the shacks. Our stroll through the Woodyard lead us to the back door of the magnificent Snowking Castle. After a few competitive snowcastle slide races, we moseyed on through the quaint shops in Old Town then hopped back in the car to explore some winter roads off the Ingraham Trail.

We capitalized on our second full day together by booking a half day of adventures at Aurora Village: the ultimate winter playground! We enjoyed hot chocolates in teepees, snowtubing, hockey, snowshoeing, dogsledding, and marshmallow roasting! It was just as fun as it sounds. We finished off the day with some more winter road explorations and a delicious dinner.

While we worked Monday and Tuesday of that week, Bryan and Nicole did some exploring on their own; checking out the frozen Cameron Falls and the Dettah Iceroad. At night, we would drive out on Ingraham Trail and waited for the clouds to clear and expose a night sky bright with dancing green and purple lights. On Monday night, we got lucky; just as we were headed back into town we could see a bright streak forming in the sky between the clouds so we beelined to the Dettah Iceroad to get a glimpse. Mother Nature put on a spectacular show for a fleeting but wonderful 30 minutes.

On Wednesday, we had a leisurely day of eating at all of the best spots in Old Town including the Dancing Moose Cafe and the renowned Bullock’s Bistro which boasts some of the best fish and chips in the country. In the evening, we made our way back to the snowcastle for The Best of the Dead North Film Festival. The festival features short horror/sci-fi/fantasy films created by both professional and amateur filmmakers from across the North. Film crews are given two months to create their short films in the dead and dark of the winter North of 60. We reserved the ‘Snug’, a private viewing booth, and snuggled up with some hot chocolate for the show.

On St. Patrick’s day, we ate some green clover-shaped pancakes, watched some March Madness basketball, and headed over the Old Town Glassworks for an air-brushing workshop. Old Town Glassworks came from humble beginnings when founder, Matthew Grogono, developed an artistic and environmentally friendly approach to glass recycling in Old Town. In the workshop we learned how they take recycled glass material and turn it into beautiful and practical items including drinking glasses, bowls, candle holders, vases, and more. We had fun learning about another piece of Old Town history and making our own customized souvenirs.

On our last day together, we did some more touring around town, this time in search of the best spots to test out our new crazy carpets! There is a toboggan hill just one block over from our apartment that is a dangerously fun pile of snow-covered rocks. We flew down those rocks with the enthusiasm and speed equal to the youngsters we shared the hills with… Needless to say, that evening we spent nursing our toboggan-induced injuries and lazily watching the Northern Lights from the convenience of our balcony.

Bryan and Nicole’s March Break visit to Yellowknife was truly one for the books! That week’s worth of adventures inspired a new name for our new favourite town, YOLOknife.

*You Only Live Once

Adam & Amanda

4 Comments on “Bryan and Nicole Do YOLOknife

  1. Yellowknife should be paying you for your great work in promoting all the sites to see. The Aurora Borealis photos are amazing! Ice slide and glass works look like great activities for kids.

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  2. Wow! Another wonderful blog!!! I’m so glad I had an opportunity to visit “Yoloknife” to experience some of the magic. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. What a wonderful trip you had, Bryan and Nicole. Nice to have Adam and Amanda showing you the sights. Loved your Northern Lights pictures the best!

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